How to Use Data to Win More Sales

We provide data solution to analyze your sales and distribution data.

The Benefits of Data Insight in Retail

Analyze the available operational data of the business to create decisive factors affecting cost and efficiency.

Provide an overview of how your business will create value in the future if it still operates under the old process, accompanied by macro factors and possible risks in the future.

Based on sales data and business operations, we will create key factors to optimize operations and reduce costs for businesses.

Analyze the consumer behavior of customers for each product line in each region, as well as the consumer trends of the market.

KONVOI Provides market data for more than one million retail locations nationwide

Data solutions

We analyze the needs and characteristics of your product, thereby giving you the right points of sale for your product, your market and the optimal route for your wholesale and retail sales.

Data visualization

The digitized tools give you access to anywhere, at all account levels under tight control. The coordinating level will know the distribution plan of the goods in an optimal and easily controlled manner.




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