Our ambitions

That beginning gave us a journey. With humility from a technology company – advertising – and market research. We have developed and always built a team with a long-term vision. With the knowledge and expertise from the aspects of retail, we realize and “serviceize” the retail market. 


Our purpose in Konvoi is to “Bring everything to everywhere” – something that we humans have built since the early days of the exchange of goods. 

At KONVOI – everyone is sedtly building for that ideal, creating a “Flat” world to satisfy the ambitions of those who want to conquer the market properly, which over the past two centuries has only been in the hands of “giants”.

Bring everything to

Our team


We are the executive personnel of retail corporations and market research. Converging practical values in the FMCG and Pharmaceutical – Chemical – Cosmetic markets. More than 30 head projects from us are always updating the new steps of the retail industry as well as giving you the opportunity to operate the industry, distribution channels, technology in an advanced and scientific way. With more than 100 Member Partners – from many different sectors – many different industries always build a value ecosystem that can resonate to make the best developments for the industry.


The value comes from the development of a balance between retail business factors:


Well-trained and managed.


Do it quickly without doing it right, do it right by working logically. Konvoi’s DMS system is built on scientific management and big-data, never has sales management been so accurately predicted.


We advise you on numbers and practices, and offer proven strategic options. Understanding the market and customer behavior as well as the insight of the industry will help you win against difficult problems. 

Satify value

Market access solutions will be planned, operated, and targeted harvested. The percentages of the market share will be in your hands. 

Work Opportunities

Make difference with us.


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